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Change Log

Keep track of the important changes made to StyleCI.

14/04/2018 - April Fixer Updates

We've just deployed a major round of fixes and improvements to our fixers. Most notably, the following new PHP fixers have been added:

  • array_indentation,
  • comment_to_phpdoc,
  • date_time_immutable,
  • fully_qualified_strict_types,
  • no_alternative_syntax,
  • php_unit_ordered_covers,
  • php_unit_set_up_tear_down_visibility,
  • standardize_increment,
  • string_line_ending.

Out of these fixers, comment_to_phpdoc, date_time_immutable, php_unit_set_up_tear_down_visibility, self_accessor, and string_line_ending are risky.

Finally, the long deprecated "linting" config option has now been removed.

14/04/2018 - Beta Programme Closes

As of today, we have officially terminated our beta programme.

Thanks to everyone who took part!

12/04/2018 - Analysis Screen Update

We've made some tweaks to the analysis screen. Importantly, StyleCI now shows the number of files analyzed, and the time taken to fetch and analyze the code. This should make debugger your config files much easier, knowing if the build only passed because 0 files where analyzed.

07/04/2018 - Deploy Keys Update

As of today, StyleCI no longer uses deploy keys due to their unreliability on GitHub. Please let us know if you see any issues with our new strategy that uses HTTPS with the OAuth2 token.

29/01/2018 - Happy New Year!

We kick off 2018 by launching support for JavaScript, JSX, Typescript, CSS, SCSS, Less, and Vue.js. You can find our documentation at, and our blog post at

We've also fixed a few bugs in our PHP fixing platform, and added the following new fixers:

  • backtick_to_shell_exec,
  • multiline_comment_opening_closing,
  • newline_before_semicolons_chained.

10/12/2017 - December Updates

We've added the following new fixers:

  • const_separation
  • escape_implicit_backslashes
  • explicit_indirect_variable
  • explicit_string_variable
  • final_internal_class
  • method_chaining_indentation
  • property_separation
  • static_lambda

Out of these fixers, final_internal_class and static_lambda are risky. We've also added the const_separation and property_separation to the symfony preset.

As always, details of each fixer can be found on the fixer docs page.

11/11/2017 - November Updates 2

Due to feedback on our October update, the minimality of the align_double_arrow and align_equals fixers has been moved to two new fixers:

  1. align_double_arrow_minimal,
  2. align_equals_minimal.

Please get in touch with us if you have any questions or feedback.

06/11/2017 - November Updates 1

There are various changes to be aware of:

  1. The no_tab_indentation fixer has been renamed to indentation, however, using it's old name will continue to work for now.
  2. The PHP 7.1 compact_nullable_typehint fixer is now available.
  3. The post_increment fixer is now available, and is enabled on the laravel and recommended presets.
  4. Various new PHPUnit fixers are now available, to aid with migration to newer versions. These are php_unit_expectation, php_unit_mock, php_unit_namespaced, and php_unit_no_expectation_annotation. All of these fixers are marked as heuristic.

30/10/2017 - Beta Programme Launch

We're proud to announce the availability of our JavaScript private beta, adding support for JavaScript, Flow, JSX, TypeScript, CSS, SCSS, and Less.

Our full blog post is available at, where you can sign-up for the beta programme.

28/10/2017 - October Updates

In today's fixer platform deployment, we announce immediate availability of the yoda_style fixer, to convert comparison expressions to use the yoda format: This fixer is now enabled in our symfony preset.

There is also a new fixer no_homoglyph_names that will replace accidental usage of homoglyphs in names, by which we mean, will remove non-asci characters from names. For obvious reasons, this fixer has been marked as risky.

Finally, the align_double_arrow and align_equals fixers will now perform a minimal possible alignment instead of aligning to the right most operator.

26/08/2017 - August Updates 2

Today we deploy our second round of fixer releases and bug fixes. Notable changes are fixes to movement of comments, and the introduction of the new no_unneeded_curly_braces and no_unneeded_final_method fixers.

12/08/2017 - August Updates 1

We've shipped our latest round of bug fixes, and some new fixers and preset changes.

We introduce 8 new fixers:

  • align_comments
  • align_phpdoc
  • blank_line_before_break
  • blank_line_before_continue
  • blank_line_before_declare
  • blank_line_before_throw
  • blank_line_before_try
  • no_superfluous_elseif
  • phpdoc_types_order

We've added all the new blank line fixers into the symfony preset, the align_phpdoc fixer into the laravel and recommended presets, and also the blank_line_before_throw and blank_line_before_try fixers into the recommended preset.

01/08/2017 - GitHub Marketplace

StyleCI has launched on the GitHub Marketplace. It was a pleasure to work with the GitHub staff to make this happen. It's now easier than never to get started with StyleCI.

The associated blog post is available at

24/06/2017 - June Updates 3

As well as fixing some bugs, we've added the no_null_property_initialization fixer which ensures that properties are not explicitly initialized with null. No changes have been made to any of the presets.

17/06/2017 - June Updates 2

We've added the doctrine_annotation_array_assignment fixer which normalizes Doctrine operator assignment in arrays. No changes have been made to any of the presets.

08/06/2017 - June Updates 1

As well as some performance improvements, a new risky fixer void_return is now available. This fixer, targeted at PHP 7.1, will add the void return type to functions with missing or empty return statements. No changes have been made to any of the presets.

29/04/2017 - April Updates

We've added the following new fixers:

  • doctrine_annotation_braces
  • doctrine_annotation_indentation
  • doctrine_annotation_spaces
  • function_to_constant (risky)
  • long_list_syntax
  • magic_constant_casing (symfony, laravel, recommended)
  • non_printable_character (risky)
  • php_unit_test_class_requires_covers
  • short_list_syntax

24/03/2017 - March Updates

We've added the following new fixers:

  • is_null (risky)
  • native_function_invocation (risky)
  • phpdoc_no_useless_inheritdoc (symfony, laravel, recommended)
  • phpdoc_return_self_reference (symfony)
  • ternary_to_null_coalescing

We've also marked the no_unreachable_default_argument_value fixer as risky, in light of the PHP 7.1 semantics.

22/01/2017 - Symfony Tweak

The simplified_null_return fixer has been removed from the symfony preset.

15/01/2017 - Minor Improvements

Today brings some more improvements to our analysis platform.

Notable changes for users are:

  • The no_alias_functions fixer is now marked as "risky".
  • no_unreachable_default_argument_value is no longer part of the symfony preset.

14/12/2016 - Slack Support

StyleCI can now send Slack notifications for enabling & disabling of repos as well passing & failing analyses.

The associated blog post is available at

12/12/2016 - PHP 7.1 Support

More exciting news. Today we launch support for PHP 7.1! Check it out now!

The associated blog post is available at

04/12/2016 - Major Fixer Updates

We're excited to announce some major improvements to our fixers and presets, and finally, the length_ordered_imports fixer!

Our 16 new fixers are:

  • const_visibility_required
  • length_ordered_imports
  • no_blank_lines_after_return
  • no_blank_lines_after_throw
  • no_blank_lines_between_imports
  • no_blank_lines_between_traits
  • no_extra_block_blank_lines
  • no_spaces_outside_offset
  • php_unit_fqcn_annotation
  • phpdoc_add_missing_param_annotation
  • phpdoc_link_to_see
  • pow_to_exponentiation
  • property_visibility_required
  • protected_to_private
  • return_type_declaration
  • single_line_class_definition

Full descriptions of each fixer are available in our docs.

The following new fixers have been added to the symfony preset:

  • no_blank_lines_after_throw
  • no_blank_lines_between_imports
  • no_extra_block_blank_lines
  • no_spaces_outside_offset
  • php_unit_fqcn_annotation
  • phpdoc_link_to_see
  • property_visibility_required
  • return_type_declaration
  • single_line_class_definition

The following new fixers have been added to the laravel preset:`

  • length_ordered_imports
  • no_blank_lines_after_throw
  • no_blank_lines_between_imports
  • no_blank_lines_between_traits
  • property_visibility_required

The following new fixers have been added to the recommended preset:

  • no_blank_lines_after_throw
  • no_blank_lines_between_imports
  • no_blank_lines_between_traits
  • no_spaces_outside_offset
  • property_visibility_required

Our other changes include:

  • The part of the no_extra_consecutive_blank_lines fixer that removed newlines between imports has been moved to the new no_blank_lines_between_imports fixer.
  • We've renamed the ordered_imports fixer to alpha_ordered_imports. The original name will continue to work.
  • We've rename and the visibility_required fixer to method_visibility_required. The original name will continue to work.
  • We've merged into the psr0 fixer into the psr4 fixer.
  • The new pow_to_exponentiation fixer is "risky".
  • The simplified_null_return fixer has been marked as "risky" in light of the changes made in PHP 7.1.
  • Support for PHP 7.0 grouped imports.
  • Various bug fixes, of course.

You can read our blog post at

30/11/2016 - Plan Recommendations

When trying to perform an action outside of your plan, StyleCI will now recommend the cheapest upgrade path for you. Hopefully this will prevent confusion, and allow for a smoother experience.

23/11/2016 - Changed Commit Messages

By popular request, we've now changed our commit messages to use the present tense. A small change, but makes a difference all the same.

18/09/2016 - Various Small Improvements

The settings button for a repo will now show for all users, and will present a friendly error to the user indicating that they are not an admin, if required. This is a significant improvement on previously when a hard error page would be displayed, and the settings button would just be missing.

The fact that branch enabling and disabling will now show up to non-admins too, rather than being hidden, however, it will request that the user should contact a repo admin to disable the branch. Previously, the availability of this feature was hidden from non-admin users.

We've lowered the default notification level to "some", rather than "all" for new users. This is due to user feedback saying only notifications relevant to them were important, rather than all notifications from the repositories they were collaborating on. This setting can be modified on the profile tab of the account page:

10/09/2016 - Account Page Improvements

We've just deployed some great improvements to our account page, significantly improving performance. We hope the new snappier interface will allow you to work more quickly.

27/08/2016 - Linting Changes

Starting from today, it is no longer possible to disabling linting, and the linting config option is officially deprecated. Setting it to false will cause a configuration error, and for now, setting it to true is still permitted, but is not required.

27/08/2016 - Three New Fixers

Today, we announce the availability 4 new fixers:

  • class_keyword_remove
  • mb_str_functions
  • silenced_deprecation_error

Full details are available on our docs.

Note that both our new mb_str_functions and silenced_deprecation_error fixers are "risky", and new silenced_deprecation_error fixer has been added to the symfony preset.

07/08/2016 - New Constant Fixer

As well as fixing various bugs, today, we announce the availability of a new uppercase_constants fixer. This fixer will ensure native constants such as TRUE and FALSE are uppercased. This fixer is essentially the opposite of the lowercase_constants fixer.

25/07/2016 - Various PR Changes

We're excited to announce an important change to the way we analyze PRs. Going forward, we now limit the files analyzed to those modified by the pull request you've made.

In order to make a clear distinction between PR and push analyses, we are now using a different "status context", just like Travis CI does. This is perfect for if you are partially phasing in some coding standards changes, or are accepting PRs from forks that haven't been rebased in a while.

In addition to this, whenever we sent a new fix pull request to a branch, we will also close any existing fix PR open on that branch. This will prevent having a large amount of spam PRs on your repos.

You can read the full details on our blog:

25/06/2016 - Fixer Improvements

We're delighted to announce five new fixers:

  • declare_equal_normalize
  • declare_strict_types
  • phpdoc_annotation_without_dot
  • semicolon_after_instruction
  • single_class_element_per_statement

Full details of these can be found in our docs.

The following new fixers have been added to the symfony preset:

  • declare_equal_normalize
  • phpdoc_annotation_without_dot
  • single_class_element_per_statement

The following new fixers have been added to both the laravel and recommended presets:

  • declare_equal_normalize
  • single_class_element_per_statement

It should also be noted that the new declare_strict_types is "risky", and that the no_whitespace_in_blank_lines fixer has been renamed to no_whitespace_in_blank_line, though, you can still use the old name if you wish.

06/06/2016 - Fixer Updates

We're delighted to announce the availability of a new fixer: normalize_index_brace. This fixer ensures that array indexes are always written by using square braces, rather than the exotic curly braces syntax. This fixer has been included in our symfony, laravel, and recommended presets.

As always, various bugs have been fixed, such as some false positives in the empty comment remover, and some edge cases with parentheses removal affecting clone statements.

05/06/2016 - Direct Fix Pushing

I'm delighted to announce two new automation capabilities in StyleCI. We've introduced an option for StyleCI to directly commit our fixes to your code and skip the pull request out entirely. We've also added an option to squash its fix pull requests when automatic merging is enabled.

You can read the full details on our blog:

28/05/2016 - Fixer Updates

The long awaited no_useless_else fixer is finally here, and will remove else blocks wherever they are redundant. In addition to this, the dir_constant, modernize_types_casting, and random_api_migration have been marked as risky.

Some other changes are that the no_duplicate_semicolons fixer has be combined into the no_empty_statement fixer, and, for now, the no_blank_lines_between_uses fixer has been combined into the no_extra_consecutive_blank_lines fixer.

We're also happy to announce that various bugs have been fixed too, including some problems with the braces fixer, and the self assessor fixer with anonymous classes.

Five months ago, we announced the launch of our free Student Plan with access to StyleCI for up to five private repositories. Today we announce that we are extending this even further with our new Student Discount Scheme.

The way this works is, as well as having access to our free Student Plan, our Student Discount Scheme also entitles you to upto 50% off all our other plans too. This can be a big help when you want to collaborate in student teams using GitHub organizations, or simply need more repositories, at super low cost.

You can read the full details on our blog:

Change Log

Keep track of the important changes made to StyleCI.

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